Sunday, November 27, 2005


Alright alright, i dont know what i really wanna do with this. Should i make it journalistic, or should i make it about something people mutually care about. No i think i will do both. because i dont care what people care about that much. just a little.

ive been writing my essay for express lately, the fat manager made me write an essay why they shouldnt fire me. i think ill put my 'two weeks' in at the end. Shes fat and slow, shed be a shitty pokemon, because th only fat good ones had shells on their tails.

i watched million dollar baby for the first time this afternoon. it was alright, i mean the acting was pretty fresh. but i can only look at hilary swank for so long. not in a good way.

ive been listening to the Clientele all day. non stop. i cant stop. you have to hear their stuff if you havent already. its so dreamy and foggy.

the clientele-since k got over me


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