Thursday, January 05, 2006

summer 99

I think my social skills have completely disappeared. Phone conversations are awkward, meetings are more awkward. Too much time in my room, too much time watching mythbusters. I've been snacking on mint flavored mentos for the last hour.
Thankyou music(for robots), thankyou Metronomy. Behold.
Metronomy-black eye/burnt thumb(mp3)
please buy the EP, I already ordered it just from listening to this one song.


Blogger BaldingJustice said...

Mythbusters is amazing. I think I side more with dirty jobs as my favorite though.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Zach from Chesapeake said...

dirty jobs is really good. i cant blame you

10:18 AM  
Anonymous kimmy said...

zach! come get a haircut.

11:43 AM  

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